Joe's Custom Podio Implementation Pack & Virtual Wholesaling 2.0

So Here's Everything You Get...

  • All Joe's Custom Built Podio Apps - (VALUE $497)  
    You don't have to spend hours or trial and error, trying to set up Podio.  Let us do it all for you.  Joe's staff will install the following suite of apps for you:
         1) Wholesaling Deals
         2) Lease Option Deals
         3) Rehabs
         4) Property Management
         5) Administrative
         6) Birddogs

  • Advanced Podio Webinar Training Series
    (VALUE $297)

    Hit the ground running.  Get started FAST.  Quickly learn...
    - How to set up and use Podio
    - How to use all Joe's apps
    - How to set up and use various important 3rd party integrations

    - Get ALL your questions answered

  • Introduction To Virtual Wholesaling 2.0 Training Webinar (VALUE $497)
    Want to learn the easiest and fastest way to start wholesaling today?  Want to start traveling the world on your own adventure?  Get someone else to do ALL the wholesaling work for you.  These 5 simple, short modules of Joe's brand new "Virtual Wholesaling 2.0" course will help you:
    - See how Joe uses Podio to manage his entire virtual wholesaling business.  Just swipe and deploy his systems.
    - Learn how to find and work with other wholesalers - in your market and other markets.
    - Learn the exact same marketing that Joe uses to get 10%+ response rates on his postcards.
    - See the list of highly motivated sellers that Joe pulls that get the best response rates.
    - Learn how to find, hire and train your own VA to take all the calls and prescreen all the sellers.
    - Send your VA's the same videos, trainings, and scripts that Joe gives to his VA's.
    - Learn how to set up all the follow up systems in Podio
    - Learn how you can grow and expand your virtual wholesaling empire, to do deals in any market, from anywhere in the world!

  • Two Live Group Q&A Coaching Calls (VALUE $297)
    Get ALL your questions answered live by the expert himself, Joe.  It is VERY rare for Joe to do these calls.
    - You will have at least 2 live group coaching calls (webinars) where we will answer all your questions about Podio
    - These calls will all be recorded.  So if you can't be on the call, send Joe your questions and he will answer them live on the call.

  • Email Joe's Podio Help Desk Free For 30 Days
    (VALUE $297)

    Have a question that needs immediate attention?  Email Joe's Help Desk, and get an answer within 24 hours.

  • Special Integrations - Done For You Service
    (VALUE $497)

    Don't worry about getting stuck on integrating one of the many 3rd party services that we use and recommend.  If you need help with anything taught in this System, contact our Help Desk and our team will either show you how to set it up, or set it up for you.

  • TOTAL VALUE $2,382
    If all this Podio Implementation Pack and Virtual Wholesaling 2.0 System did for you was show you how to wholesale JUST ONE MORE deal a month, wouldn't it be worth $2,382.  Yes, of course it would be.  Think about it...  Would you pay $2,382 to make an extra $60,000 a year?

Today Just $497